Church of Saint Ezra

The Church of Saint Ezra is an institution that has, at times, been officially suppressed by the State or, alternately, barely tolerated. This is because the congregation worships Ezra as a god, paying only the most cursory lip-service to the Queen-Eternal. 

Those familiar with the history of the church know that worship of Ezra was brought to Korvold by immigrants from across the Sea, each group of which had widely varying superstitions and rites. Only the name "Ezra" provided the common thread. As these immigrants and refugees fled to Korvold during the Doom they found each other and synchretized their traditions to found a formal religion which was then ruthlessly suppressed by the Queen's government.

This suppression ended only after the Church agreed to add the word "Saint" to their name, acknowledging Ezra not as a god himself but as a "saint" of the one true God, the Queen.

Although now permitted to practice their beliefs, the Church is still generally seen by other inhabitants of Korvold as a relic and haven for foreigners and malcontents.

Church of Saint Ezra

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