In the Last City of Korvold, civilization survives thanks to the divine power of Kellis, Queen-Eternal, The Light of Life and Shield Against the Dead. While the rest of the land may be a zombie-infested nightmare, the dense streets of Korvald thrive with people from all walks of life. Gangs of pickpockets, surgical societies plumbing the secrets of life, stoic police forces on guard against undead outbreaks, noble families of long lineage and impeccable breeding, all who live within the city thrive on a steady supply of whale-oil procured at great risk by the great whaling vessels that sail the black seas, a substance capable of generating the vast power needs of this thriving metropolis.

And, of course, power is needed to keep charged the lightning cannons and fences about the vast walls that keep the numberless hordes of the dead at bay.


This is a D&D 5th edition Ravenloft game inspired by Unhallowed Metropolis, Fallen London, Blades in the Dark, and Dishonored.

The Last City

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